Holmes County General Health District


Mercury Spills FAQ 11/28/2010
Mercury Ban Fact Sheet 11/28/2010
Substitute House Bill 443 - Mercury Regulations 11/28/2010
Application for a License to Conduct a Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishment 11/14/2010
Application for a License to Conduct a Temporay Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishment.pdf 11/14/2010
Application for a License to Operate a Manufactured Home Park 11/14/2010
Application for a License to Operate a Public Swimming Pool, Public Spa, or Special Use Pool 11/14/2010
Application for a License to Operate a Recreation Vehicle Park, Recreation Camp, or Combined Park-Camp 11/14/2010
Application for a Permit to Discharge Sanitary Wastes,to Install Alter & Operate a Sewage Treatment System 11/14/2010
Application for Food Establishment Plan Review 11/14/2010
Application Permit for a Private Water System 11/14/2010
Application Permit for Private Water System Site Plan 11/14/2010
Food Safety at Temporary Events 11/14/2010
Plan review application camp and RV park 11/14/2010
Plan review application manufactured home 11/14/2010
Plan review application swimming pool and spa 11/14/2010
Site Evaluation for a Sewage Treatment System 11/14/2010
Temporary Food Service Operation or Retail Food Establishments Application Continued 11/14/2010
Birth-Death Certificates Online registration form 11/14/2010
3701-3 Communicable Disease 11/14/2010
955.10 Dog Tag Code 11/14/2010
Regulation 801 Household Sewage Treatment 11/14/2010
Regulation 1803 Private Owned Dangerous Wild Animals 11/14/2010
3701-5 Vital Statistics 11/14/2010
3701-21 Food Service Operation 11/14/2010
3701-8 Help Me Grow 11/14/2010
Regulation 805 Governing the Approval of Subdivisions in the HCHD 11/14/2010
Regulation 1801 Providing for the Prevention and Control of Rabies 11/14/2010
3701-9 Tattoo Establishments 11/14/2010
3701-25 Resident Day Camps 11/14/2010
3701-27 Manufactured Home Park 11/14/2010
3701-26 Recreational Vehicle Parks 11/14/2010
3701-29 Household Sewage Disposal Sytems 11/14/2010
3701-28 Private Water Systems 11/14/2010
Regulation 803 Governing the Registration of Installers of Sewage Disposal Treatment Systems in HCHD 11/14/2010
Regulation 1601 Governing Solid Infectious and Hazardous Wastes in HCHD 11/14/2010
Regulation 1603 Governing the Registration of Solid Waste Hauler in HCHD 11/14/2010
3717-1 Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code 11/14/2010
3701-43 Children with Medical Handicaps 11/14/2010
3701-30 Lead Poisoning Prevention 11/14/2010
3701-36 Public Health Standards 11/14/2010
3701-31 Public Swimming Pools and Spas 11/14/2010
3701-42 Women Infants and Children Supplemental Food Program 11/14/2010

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