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Data and Statistics

The mission of the Holmes County General Health District is to assure conditions necessary for people to live healthy lives and to function at an optimal capacity.  One of the ways the Health District achieves this mission is to regularly monitor the health status of people to identify community health problems.  The following is a summary of data and statistics available on the health status of the community.

Leading Causes of Death

When person dies, a physician or county coroner completes a death certificate.  The death certificate is necessary for administrative functions such as providing official documentation of the deceased state of a person and making burial or cremation arrangements.  The death certificate also includes information on the cause of death determined by a physician or the county coroner.  Death certificates are housed at the Holmes County General Health District and an analysis was completed to determine patterns in trends in the leading causes of death among county residents.

Download a copy of the Leading Causes of Death Summary 

Survey on Health Risk and Preventive Behaviors

The Holmes County General Health District mailed a survey to a random sample of households in 2011.  The annonymous survey asked adults to provide information on a variety of topics.  The topics included questions on diagnosis of diagnoses such as asthma, arthritis, depression, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  The survey also included questions on the use of preventive health care services such as cancer screenings, immunizations, and routine physical exams as well as questions related to health risk behaviors such as dietary habits, exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, and tobacco use.  Information from the surveys was combined into an summary report and has been used by the Health District to prioritize needs in the community and plan efforts to address the needs identified.

Download a copy of the Introduction and Disease Diagnosis Summary

Download a copy of the Preventive Health Services and Risk Behaviors Summary

Download a copy of the Data Tables

Download a copy of the Survey

Population Estimates

The Ohio Development Services Agency publishes annual estimates of the population for every county in Ohio.  The report includes population estimates by sex, age, race, and ethnicity.

Download a copy of the report 

County Profile

The Ohio Development Services Agency periodically publishes county profiles.  The profiles include information related to the demographic characteristics, land use, employment statistics, and economic activity.  The information comes from the U.S. Census Bureau and is summarized into a 5-page document by the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Download a copy of the Holmes County Profile

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