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Phone Orders

You may order your birth certificate over the phone with a credit or debit card.  There is an additional $1.50 fee for using this service.  Phone orders are sent out within one business day.  To use this service please call 330-674-5035 or 877-674-5035.

Expedited Services

When you order over the phone with a credit card you may have your certificate sent by express mail for an additional $22.95.


Birth Certificate $25.00
Death Certificate $25.00

Holmes County Birth / Death Certificates

The Holmes County Health District maintains birth and death records occurring in Holmes County beginning in1908 to present. If the death occurred outside of Holmes County the record may be obtained from the Ohio Department of Health Vital Statistics Office or from the county in which the event occurred. We are now able to issue certified birth certificates for anyone born in the state of Ohio.

How-to obtain birth / death certificates

Certified copies of birth and death records may be obtained in the following manner:

Apply in person

Holmes County Health District

85 North Grant Street, Suite B, Millersburg

Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4:30 pm
We accept cash, check, credit/debit card, or money order for same day service.


ORC 3705.25(5) requires that the social security number be redacted off of any death certificate for a person who has died with in the last five years unless the person applying for the certificate can prove that they are either a, spouce or legal partner, natural or adopted child, grandchild, or grant-grandchild, funeral home, veteran's administration officer, law enforcement agency, executor or administrator of estate, etc.  For a full list of relationship and what qualities as acceptable proof please call 330-674-5035. 

Mail Your Application

Holmes County Health District
85 N. Grant Street
Suite B
Millersburg, OH 44654

Please download the birth/death application or send the following information:

1. Birth information: Name at birth, date of birth, mother's maiden name, father's name, where birth occurred.

2. Death information: Decedent's full name at death, date of death, where death occured.

3. Check for $25 for each certificate requested.
4. A self addressed, stamped envelope.
5. Daytime phone number where you can be reached for questions.

Orders are processed the day they are received.

Expedited Service

To expedite your order please call 330-674-5035 with your credit card, we can express mail your certificate for an additional $22.95.


Birth certificate FAQ's

Question - How do I correct an error on a birth/death certificate?

Answer - Once a birth certificate is filed, an affidavit is required to change or correct any information on the certificate. If it is a simple spelling mistake in the first or middle name the affidavit can be done at the Health District. If it is a misspelled or incorrect last name then it must be corrected by Probate court. The affidavit will not change the original document as it is a legal document but is an attachment to the record that indicates the correction to the record.

Question - How do I obtain a Veteran's death certificate

Answer - The family of a veteran is entitled to one free copy of that veteran's death certificate. A VA application must be submitted by either the funeral home or the Veteran's Administration Office.

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